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Skyline Productions

SKYLINE PRODUCTIONS has wide production interests in film and television ranging from internationally-distributed award-winning features for cinema,  to drama series, documentary, music and arts and comedy for television. Our credits include productions for all terrestrial UK broadcasters and many in Europe and the US; award-winning corporates and training films for governmental and charitable sectors; outside broadcast in which our credits include sixteen years of Edinburgh's Hogmanay celebrations, the inaugural opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, Moby at Edinburgh Castle for the relaunch of MTV in Times Square, NY.  International co-production and co-financing of arts documentaries is a major focus of our work. We have a solid co-production track record achieved over two decades.

Alongside our production activities we provide script-reading, script-editing and doctoring and development services; translation and transcription services from Spanish, French and German.

Skyline Productions is the successor in Scotland to Skyline Film and Television Productions and has one of the longest track records among independent production houses in the UK. The original company was founded in Edinburgh in 1974, expanded to London in 1983 and divided in 1996 in a friendly de-merger into Skyline Productions in Scotland and Skyline Films in London.







Skyline films: steve@skylinefilms.co.uk





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Leaning into the Wind
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Leaning into the Wind at EIFF
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