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Alison Watt - A Painter's Eye

A Film by Thomas Riedelsheimer

...a lifetime of license fees are accounted for in thirty minutes. And here, here is 30 minutes of Proper Arts Television; just long, still shots of the paintings, and then the artist herself - her, there, talking . She's so engaged with her work, she talks passionately about painting, about how it involves you, how you fall for images. The pacing reminds me of the old Modern Times documentaries; there's breathing space for the viewer to take in the pictures here...I'm so happy to have found this; to have been reminded why I love images

The National Gallery

Two years ago Alison Watt was appointed the youngest-ever Associate Artist at the National Gallery, London and given unlimited access to a collection which has long inspired and obsessed her. Award-winning director and cinematographer, Thomas Riedelsheimer, goes deep inside Alison's head and views the world through her very particular eyes. His intimate film observes Alison as she concentrates on the exhibition, and eavesdrops, with fascinating results, on her solitude. This is the third collaboration (Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy working with Time; Touch the Sound- A Sound Journey with Evelyn Glennie ) between Scottish producer Leslie Hills and Germany's Riedelsheimer

Skyline is very grateful to Peter Gordon of Glenfiddich, Ian Tudhope of PPG and to John Caulkins for supporting this film.

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Dave Tarvit Stephanie Hills
 Accounts Cathi Hitchmough
 Camera Thomas Riedelsheimer
 Sound Gregor Kuschel and Stefan Tolz
 Music Evelyn Glennie and Fred Frith
 For the BBC Jo Roe Andrew Lockyer
 Director and Editor Thomas Riedelsheimer
 Produced by Leslie Hills

With thanks to:

Alison Watt
National Gallery, London www.nationalgallery.org.uk
Bill Paterson
The Pier Arts Centre, Orkney
Old St Paul's Church
The Ingleby Gallery
Filmhouse, Edinburgh
Patisserie Valerie
The National Galleries of Scotland
Claudia and Felix Riedelsheimer
Colin Keldie, Visit Orkney
Morag Robertson, HIE Orkney

Made with the assistance of

BBC Scotland
John Caulkins

A Skyline Production

©Skyline Productions 2008

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